The focus of Eyes, Come Back! are thoughts on diasporic experiences, migration, adaptation and des-/integration, surveillance, resistance, censorship and an urgent need for creative and artistic loopholes and alternatives on the margin of existing systems.
This is a longterm, collaborative project, taking shape through a series of informal gatherings and working situations in and around my studio in Berlin. The project started in Spring 2020 and has transformed its format several times to adapt to varying contexts and special needs of pandemic working situations.


An ongoing series of digital drawings, montages and photographs, partly printed on satin pillows with dimensions of 80x80 cm and 45x45 cm

Eyes, Come Back! grew during the preparations for a practice-oriented workshop conceived for the Experimental Academy at Artissima in Turin in Fall 2019. Built around the idea of diasporic thinking and acting and based on the characteristics of the mythological figure of the Trickster, two empty stages - fitted with 24 printed pillows - facilitated readings, screenings, conversations and collaborations.